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    ESD Conetainer | Rose Gold | Metallic Doob Tubes

    • ESD Conetainer | Metallic Doob Tube Container Made from CNC Aluminum with a Tight Cap Lid that Will Keep Your Contents Safe and Discreet in Storage for Any Type of Activity Where-ever Whenever

    • Smell Proof | The Screw On Cap Will be Able to Hold One Prerolled Cone Firmly in Place for Future Use Without Odor Leakage. It is Water and Smell Resistant, You Can Rest Assured that Your Contents Will be Snug and Ready for Use

    • Stylish | Beautiful Metallic Gloss with Dirt Resistant Coating to Keep The Tubes Looking New. Available in 6 Colors Including Red, Gold, Grey, Blue, Rose Gold, and Black

    • Indestructible | This Container Was Built to Endure Virtually Any Type of Physical Altercation or Damage. It is Virtually Scratch Free Resistant Even After Purposely Being Scraped by a Key During Product Testing

    • Dimensions | Measuring at 4.5'' Inches in Height and 1/2'' Inches in Diameter. This Doob Tube is Both Easily Portable and Accessible in Any Pocket for Later Use

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