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    Jware Rolling Papers
    Jware cones are popular for their smooth smoking and clean rolling papers. Jware is the brainchild of a former coffee shop owner and entrepreneur . Jwares flagship brand of pre-rolled papers have been meticulously designed as a result of extensive experience in the industry, which we are now proud to present to you throughout our product line

    Cone Specs
    Jware pre-rolled cones come in a beautifully designed packaging and are currently available in two sizes : King Sized & Medium Sized. These papers come pre rolled to make your smoking life that much easier, simply pack and go. These papers smoke well and do not tear easily when filling which is due to the meticulous and precise production process we put our papers through. Jwares new and innovative adhesive formula allows for efficient adhesion with virtually no taste or odor using only a fraction of the glue necessary compared to similar products. Jware is based on the tropical island of Bali and specializes in the production of handmade conical pre-rolled papers with integrated filters

    Cone Sizing: King Size Cones come in at cone length 109mm with a 25mm Tip. The Medium Size Cones come in at cone length 98mm with a 25mm Tip
    J-Ware King Size Prerolled Cones
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    J-Ware Medium Prerolled Cones
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